Choosing Your Mortgage Broker.

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 16 Aug

    There is a little doubt that the biggest purchase of your life will be your home. When embarking on your homeownership journey, having the right support and information will make all the difference. Fortunately, a mortgage broker can help! With access to more than 230 lending institutions including big banks, credit unions and […]

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The Mortgage Financing Process

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 19 Jul

                                                     The Mortgage Financing Process     The number one question for any potential homebuyer or someone new to the mortgage process is “what does this process entail?”. The following […]

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Are You Ready for Home Ownership?.

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 5 Jul

        Are You Ready for Home Ownership?.   While most people know the main things they need to buy a home, such as stable employment and enough money for a down payment, there are a few other factors that may help you realize you’re ready – perhaps even earlier than you thought! […]

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Moving on UP!.

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 15 Jun

Moving on UP!. Life is constantly changing from your career to your family as we climb up the ladder of life. With these life changes, your current home may no longer be working for you. Whether you’re cramped in your tiny apartment or have a little one on the way, it may be time to […]

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5 Approval Roadblocks

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 8 Jun

5 Approval Roadblocks. When in the process of buying a home, there is nothing worse than having your mortgage broker or lawyer call and say “there is a problem”. If you have found your dream home and negotiated a fair price, which was accepted, and you have supplied all the documentation to your broker, you […]

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Market Smarts: Home Buying Guide.

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 31 May

Market Smarts: Home Buying Guide. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is one of Canada’s three mortgage insurers. Beyond insuring mortgage, CMHC also offers consumer guidance in the form of a unique step-by-step guide for home buying Canada, which the organization has dubbed the “roadmap” to home ownership. The 27-page guide, Homebuying Step By […]

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Getting a Mortgage When You’re New to Canada.

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 25 May

        Getting a Mortgage When You’re New to Canada. Canada has seen a surge of international migration over the last few years. In 2019, we welcomed a total of 313,580 immigrants to the country! This is an increase of 40,000 individuals when compared to 2017 numbers. According to planned immigration levels, it […]

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Getting the Down Payment Down

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 18 May

      Getting the Down Payment Down. A down payment is one of the most essential aspects of every mortgage application and new home purchase. In Canada, home purchases require a minimum cash payment from your own funds that is put towards the purchase. This is your down payment and is considered your stake […]

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Relocate or Renovate

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 13 May

  Like Lighting in a Bottle. That’s how Todd Talbot describes the chemistry between him and Jillian Harris, his co-host of the reality TV series Love It or List It Vancouver. There’s an undeniable electricity that flows between the pair who have battled against each other through 104 hour-long episodes of the home-design series. Sparks […]

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25 Secrets Your Banker Doesn’t Want You to Know.

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 11 May

    Twenty-five or thirty years can sound like an impossibly long time to service a loan – and for many of us, it is. If you are looking to pay off your mortgage faster, here are some tried-and-true tactics to get you to financial freedom that much sooner! Make a Double Mortgage Payment: A double […]

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