How to reduce stress when purchasing a home

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 28 Jul

      Home buyers report a variety of feelings when it comes to financing a new home. According to the 2019 CMHC consumer report, most borrowers reported feeling “happy” or “excited” about their purchase, but over one-third of borrowers also said that buying made them feel stressed. Additionally, 42% of buyers felt uncertain about the […]

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Residential Market Commentary – June jump for housing starts

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 25 Jul

Housing starts in Canada bounced back in June, reversing a string of declines dating back to November of last year as mentioned by First National Financial LP Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation reports the seasonally adjusted annual rate of housing starts totalled 281,373 units in June, up from 200,018 in May. The increase was led […]

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Five signs a neighbourhood could be right for you

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 5 Jul

      When you’re ready to enter the housing market as a first-time home buyer, one key part of the home-buying process is choosing the right neighbourhood to live in. After all, your neighbourhood choice can have a significant impact on the types of property that are available to you, the cost of homeownership and […]

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The Story Behind the Numbers

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 29 Jun

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the year – and what a year it’s been. There have been ups and downs and more than a few surprises, the latest being the Bank of Canada’s decision to end its rate pause. On June 7, the Bank increased its overnight rate by 25 basis points to […]

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Five ways you can protect yourself from fraud

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 8 May

      From cloud storage and 5G connection speeds to chatbots and augmented reality, new developments in internet technology have made life a lot more convenient for many Canadians. However, the same technology has also enabled criminals to create ever more sophisticated ways to steal your information to use in scams and fraud. This […]

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Anticipating a New Set of Mortgage Regulations

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 2 May

April is typically a very busy month for the mortgage industry, and this year has been no different. After a rapid series of interest rate hikes put a chill on real estate activity over the past year, the market is showing early signs of recovery. As CMI(Canadian Mortgage Investments) mentions, Demand for private mortgages is […]

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General Kaveh Seyedsagha 21 Apr

Recently, there have been headlines about identity theft, fraud and stealing homes. Title fraud occurs when the fraudster assumes the identity of the homeowner and then uses it to assume the title on the home, sell the property or obtain a mortgage on that property or other properties in the homeowner’s name, In this article […]

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Residential Market Commentary – BoC expected to stay on the sidelines

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 10 Apr

The Canadian economy seems to be ganging-up on the Bank of Canada as it tries to wrestle inflation back to 2.0% as the report by First National Financials mentions. The latest employment numbers, once again, came in well above expectations.  Statistics Canada reports 35,000 jobs were created in March, nearly triple what had been forecast.  […]

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GDP’s double-edged sword

General Kaveh Seyedsagha 3 Apr

      The latest numbers from Statistics Canada show the country’s economy continues to chug along despite very deliberate efforts to slow it down as mentioned by First National Financial LP. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which measures the total value of all goods and services produced by the economy, rose by 0.5% in January.  […]

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